No animal testing

No Berioska or Babaria product is tested on animals; this not only applies to the R&D process but also to all the raw materials that are involved in making each product. Although we do conduct skin and eye compatibility tests, these are performed on human volunteers who are given a full explanation of the process they will be undergoing and are at all times supervised by a dermatologist or ophthalmologist, whichever is applicable.

Berioska does not use any ingredient that has been tested on animals and this is an absolutely essential condition for the approval of our raw materials.

sello no testado en animales

Bee venom

Bee venom is extracted by electrical stimulation; electrically stimulated bees discharge the contents of their venom sac into a glass container. However, they do not die. At Berioska we are very much aware of the problem of a declining bee population and we make sure we can guarantee their survival.
veneno de abeja

Snail extract

At Berioska we are acutely aware of the issues raised by animal experimentation and respect for animals. Consequently, the process we use to extract snail secretion is very traditional, so once the snails have produced their secretions and we have extracted them, they are returned to their natural habitat to recover.
estracto de caracol

Snake venom

Babaria’s Snake Venom range of products has been developed from a synthetic peptide which replicates the action of the peptide found in the venom of the Temple Viper (Tropidolaemus Waglerin); under no circumstances is this a product of animal origin.
veneno de serpiente