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Have you heard about our new Btox Effect treatment? This line is formulated with a Botox-like Tripeptide that provides a total anti-aging effect, helping to diminish wrinkles, smooth expression lines and relax the face. Its Total Lift action is especially recommended for mature skin.

What is a Botox-like Tripeptide?

linea botox babaria

A complex of three amino acids that inhibit the facial muscle contractions that cause wrinkles. This tripeptide mimics the action of Botox but without any contraindications.



Btox Effect Ampoules

The first step in your routine, these ampoules provide an intense rejuvenating treatment.

Btox Effect Serum

Follow with the serum, which visibly smooths wrinkles and relaxes the face.

Btox Effect Face Cream

The last step will give you a total anti-aging effect.

Ready to transform your skin?

Introduce this line into your daily routine and enjoy its incredible results.


100% vegan ophthalmologically tested reduce recycle PRPC certified