Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has healing, regenerating, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties.

-It simulates cell proliferation and scar healing.
–It activates fibroblasts to produce collagen and connective tissue
–It stimulates immune system response, accelerating the action of macrophages
–It regulates anti-inflammatory reactions, reducing pain 


-Acts as a biological vehicle, assisting in the absorption and penetration of other active ingredients


-Anti-ageing; reduces thinning of the skin and mimimizes wrinkles by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres.

Why is our Aloe Vera the best?

Our Aloe Vera was the first to obtain quality certification from the International Aloe Science Council (the body that coordinates the whole Aloe industry and the scientific community involved). This organization issues the certificate as a result of quality audits of plantations, processing plants and the end product. It adheres to the following quality parameters with regard to aloe juice: It is the first and only manufacturer to guarantee batch by batch that its aloe juice is standardized with a minimum content of 10% in solids, being polysaccharides with a molecular weight of between 50,000-100,000 D; thereby ensuring that the beneficial properties of the plant are not only preserved but enhanced. It is the only product in the Aloe Vera market to have been tested and guaranteed as biologically active.

1. Reliability: we work with the world’s top Aloe Vera producer and processor;
2. Product control: it is a vertically integrated supplier, from the plantation through to delivery to the client;
3. Development: use of the most advanced technological processes: Temperature, Timing, Safety;
4. Minimum guarantee: based on a minimum content of 10% polysaccharides in the dry residue responsible for its activity;
5. Quality certificate from the International Aloe Science Council;
6. Guaranteed purity: Laboratory-tested, free from additives, adulterations or other extraneous materials;
7. Leading researcher into Aloe Vera associated with an extensive network of R&D centres;
8. Proven efficacy: backed by clinical trials that confirm its effectiveness;
9. Consumer transparency. Accurate percentage regarding the Aloe content of every product;
10. Babaria COMMITMENT.


Aloe Vera has been used since ancient times for its medicinal properties, having been observed that it accelerated the healing process of wounds. Aloe is traditionally a cell regenerator, to the point where innumerable scientific articles have now been published attesting to this property of the plant. Thanks to its properties it is suitable for all skin types, deeply moisturizing dry and cracked skin, helping to prevent the negative effects of sunburn on the skin and being extensively used for treatments due to its capacity for cell regeneration.

Aloe Vera has also been widely used to treat skin irritations and rashes because of its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It has excellent results on tired, neglected and ageing skin due to its toning and nourishing action.

There are different theories to explain the mechanism by which Aloe works, but the most common one is that all its active ingredients work in conjunction, with the polysaccharides present in Aloe acting as a coordinator for the other components. Because of this, Aloe has emollient, hydrating, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.