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Sérum Intelligent Anti-taches

21 Mar, 22

Your perfect ally

The third step in achieving flawless skin is using Smart Anti-Dark Spot Serum. We previously introduced you to two other products in the Anti-Dark Spot line: Anti-Dark Spot Eye Contour Cream and the Moisturising Fluid. By following the complete beauty routine using the entire Anti-Dark Spot range, you’ll achieve optimal results on your facial skin. Our Smart Anti-Dark Spot Serum is designed to be the first product used during your evening beauty routine, as it has a high glycolic acid content, which acts as a peel, removing the outer skin layers and regulating pigmentation. Therefore, its regenerating action is more effective at night. It’s a habit that you should introduce on pigmented areas, after removing your make-up and before applying the Double-Effect Anti-Wrinkle and Restorative Intensive Cream.  

Discover its exclusive formula

The fluid is a powerful concentrate with a multi-correcting clarifying action that reduces sunspots, age spots and those caused by hormones. Adding the product to your daily routine will only bring benefits to your skin. You can’t stop ageing, but you can help to keep your skin cared for and radiant. Smart Anti-Dark Spot Serum stands out for its exclusive formula, which contains a lightening active ingredient to help depigmentation, reducing the cell damage caused by daily exposure to UVA and UVB rays. Not only does it even the tone of the entire face by fading and correcting dark spots, it also prevents the appearance of future dark spots on the skin.  

Do you know how to apply it?

Using this product is very easy, you just have to follow a few steps to achieve optimal results. At last, you can have the skin you’ve always dreamt of! To begin with, remember to apply it at night to a cleansed face, massaging it gently over pigmented areas until the fluid is completely absorbed. Although we recommend you apply it at night, you should know that you can also use it during the day. In this case, we recommend using it after applying Anti-Dark Spot Moisturising Fluid SPF20. Ultimately, whatever your skin type, it will be well cared for with this product, but you do need to have some beauty habits and be aware of your skin’s needs.  

Get flawless skin

So far, we’ve explained many reasons which you should use this product and told you the steps to follow for healthier skin. Now, it’s time to get started to achieve an evener skin tone, as our Smart Serum reduces the effects of hyperpigmentation. One of the product’s most important properties is its ability to act as a peel, removing the outer skin layers. This can be done, thanks to ingredients such as Musk Rose Oil, which has many benefits, including combating premature ageing, hydrating and improving the appearance of the skin. The bottle also includes ingredients such as Vitamin E, Lightening and Depigmenting Active Ingredients and Glycolic Acid, which effectively enhance its regulating capacity. Without a shadow of a doubt, a key product for younger-looking skin.  

When will you see the first results?

This is one of the most common questions we ask ourselves when choosing between one product and another. But you’re in luck. If you get into the habit of using the fluid every day and follow the advice that we have given you, after just two weeks, you’ll see the first effects of the Smart Anti-Dark Spot Serum on your skin. Likewise, you should know that the full effect will be achieved after using it for two months. And of course, if you decide to use the full range of products especially designed to make your dark spots disappear, you’ll love the results. Never before has it been so easy to get a glowing, radiant complexion. Get ready to say goodbye to dark marks caused by photoageing, thanks to the smart formula developed in the entire Anti-Dark Spots line.