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The Other Cleansing Routine

29 Mar, 23

Babaria has dedicated cleansing lines ; products that have become part of your daily skincare routine.

However, some habits are equally if not more important for cleansing and caring for your skin. These have nothing to do with applying products but involve regularly washing the items that come into direct contact with your face.

These include pillowcases and sheets, brushes and other makeup tools; items you don’t clean nearly as often as you should, either due to laziness or ignorance, and they can significantly affect the health and appearance of your hair and skin.

Wondering how often you should wash them? Read on and we’ll tell you!

Pillow talk

We know there are some days when you can't wait to hit the hay, but you should always wash your face first, even when you're not wearing any makeup!

If you don't, your pillowcase will accumulate all the residues and substances your skin is exposed to during the day.

That said, cleansing your face before going to bed doesn't mean you can skip washing your pillowcase regularly because bedding collects dust, sweat and dead skin cells, which can lead to pimples and irritation.

Also, did you know that your skin cells get renewed overnight? Your while you sleep, which eventually ends up on your pillow.

The key is to wash your bedding once a week so that it doesn't end up becoming a haven for bacteria that damage and dirty your hair and skin.

You should wash your pillowcase even more often since it rubs against your skin and hair throughout the night.

If your skin is dry, sensitive, suffers from eczema, or is prone to acne, you should be even more careful. Try to wash your pillowcase every two or three days to avoid making your skin worse.

As a final tip, experts recommend washing your bedding at 60°C to kill all bacteria.

Brush up on cleansing

You use brushes, applicators and sponges every day for your makeup and as you'd expect, they’re left with traces of product, dirt and therefore, bacteria. So, unless you wash them, you’re not only applying product to your skin but also bacteria every time you do your makeup!

Washing them should become part of your routine. There's no point in cleansing your face before applying your makeup if you're going to be using dirty tools.

Here's how often you should wash each item in your makeup bag!

If you use brushes to apply powder, we recommend washing them every two to three weeks. If you use them to apply liquid makeup, they accumulate more product, so you should wash them once a week. But if there’s one thing that absorbs more makeup than brushes, it's sponges, so we recommend you wash them after each use.

No matter how many makeup brushes, applicators or sponges you use, make sure you dry them thoroughly after each wash, otherwise, they can retain moisture and become moldy.

Now you know that keeping your skin clean and healthy depends on how well you look after it and the items that are in daily contact with it.

You only need two things to get started with this new routine:
Remember all the tips we’ve shared with you here and keep our facial cleansing products in your toiletry bag!