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We take care of you by developing new cosmetic formulas for personal care and wellbeing. We select effective, high quality and environmentally-friendly active ingredients to produce cosmetic products for the face, body and hair.


Our commitment to the quality of our products is based on four cornerstones: QUALITY, JOB SECURITY, ENVIRONMENT and PRODUCT SAFETY. We believe that we have a positive impact on our employees and our environment, not forgetting the importance of making safe products for our customers. We work hard to guarantee that the cosmetic products we manufacture are suitable for their intended use and to ensure that our customers are not exposed to any kind of risk as a result of safety, quality or efficacy failures.

Cruelty Free

Babaria’s policy puts a complete veto on animal testing. Although we do conduct tests to ensure products are harmless, these are conducted on human volunteers who are fully informed about the process they will be submitted to and are at all times supervised by a medical specialist.


Quality is Berioska’s number one objective, and to achieve that end we comply with the best manufacturing practices for cosmetic products in every one of our processes, from receiving the order through to the final delivery. We have an independent quality control department equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure compliance with the specifications of all the products we manufacture. In addition, Babaria’s laboratories have been granted a CERTIFICATE OF COSMETIC GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE (GMP), being one of the very first laboratories in Spain to achieve this recognition.


Our Research & Development department works constantly to move forward in the search for new active ingredients and methods of application, at all times adhering to the principles of nature and sustainability. Our scientific and technical team is renowned in the cosmetics sector. The keys to Babaria’s success have been its advances in the cosmetic applications of Aloe Vera and Rosehip Oil, having managed to combine these natural plants with the latest technological advances in cosmetic science.


Babaria is a Spanish cosmetics brand owned by Berioska S.L. and is committed to caring for people’s health and beauty, following the highest quality control standards underpinned by the professionalism and enthusiasm of everyone who forms part of the Babaria team.
Since 1981 we have specialized in personal care with an extensive range of cosmetic products for the face, body and hair.


Babaria’s products enjoy a strong global presence in more than 80 countries around the world.
The company’s expansion in these different worldwide markets is based on a firm independence from external economic interests and the constant reinvestment of profits.


Babaria’s facilities in Cheste, Valencia, consist of 15,000 m2 of buildings on a plot of 24,000 m2, reflecting the company’s constant growth. The modern laboratory and R&D&I department are where we produce the optimum product content to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market.
The manufacturing plants occupy an area of 7,000 m2 and include white rooms with a controlled environment to protect against microbiological contamination and particles, purpose-built and utilized to reduce the entry, production and retention of pollutants in these areas. Our equipment is among the most advanced in the sector, with manufacturing reactors whose automated processes are capable of formulating any type of dosage, such as emulsions, solutions and gels, in every format size.

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