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Five keys to great skin in 2023

19 Jan, 23

We all start the New Year with an endless list of resolutions. There’s nothing wrong with that, but over time, they often fall by the wayside due to a lack of routine, laziness or pure forgetfulness, and by the end of the year, we might have only kept a few of them.

At Babaria, we wanted to get a head start and help you keep a very common New Year’s resolution: taking better care of yourself. There’s nothing more important than self-care, and that habit includes looking after your skin.

How do you get healthy, cared-for skin?

Perseverance is key. Just as you need to persevere in getting out for your daily 7am run or attending classes to learn a new language, you must also persevere with your skincare routine day after day. No exceptions!

Once you’re in the right frame of mind and know what you want to achieve, it’ll be much easier to incorporate the following habits into your routine for cared-for skin, day after day:

1- Wear sunscreen 365 days a year

When it comes to looking after your skin, forgetting to apply sunscreen is a very common mistake.

It’s not just in the summer months that the sun directly impacts your skin, so it’s important you also protect it throughout the year from premature-aging UVA, sunburn-inducing UVB, and DNA-damaging infrared rays.

Need some sun protection tips? Here's a good place to start: try our Photoage Tinted Face Cream SPF50+, which not only protects your skin but also gives it a hint of color. Alternatively, if you prefer an invisible non-tinted product, try our Photoage Face Cream SPF+50. Take a look at the other options in our sunscreen range!

2- Watch your diet and drink more water

We all know that eating well and staying hydrated every day is essential for our health, but following this habit is also crucial if you want flawless skin.

Here's a short list of skin-loving foods:

·Vitamin C is found in many foods and drinks that you can include in your everyday diet, such as peppers, oranges and guava. Try cooking dishes that contain these ingredients and treat your skin with our Vitamin C Ritual for an antioxidant effect, radiance boost and extra hydration.

·Got acne-prone skin? Then turmeric is the food for you! Eat this anti-inflammatory spice in powdered form (half a teaspoon) or fresh (two slices) every day. You could also try our Microbiota Balance Serum, formulated with a Prebiotic Active Ingredient, which reduces excess skin sebum.

·For deep hydration, cucumber is key. Purify your skin by eating half a cucumber a day, either in juice, soup or salad, whatever you fancy! You can even combine it with our Black Face Mask for a flawless result.

·Vitamin A is your friend. Carrots, pumpkin, peach and other yellow or orange vegetables, as well as green leafy vegetables such as spinach or broccoli, are super beneficial for your skin. Why not complement them with our vitamin-rich Retinol Ritual?

Try adding these foods to your diet and drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day. If you also combine these habits with our recommended products, you’ll see incredible results in your skin and feel great about yourself. It's time for some self-care!

3- Follow a daily facial routine

For clean, healthy and hydrated skin, it’s essential you follow a daily facial care routine that suits your skin type and lifestyle.

There are lots of different treatments to choose from, so whether you have sensitive skin, or need a day and/or night routine to suit your schedule, there's one to suit every need.

4- The shower is your friend

Few people know it, but your daily shower has a direct impact on the condition of your skin.

Excessively long showers, hot water or aggressive soaps can affect your skin's natural oils.

That’s why it’s important you take shorter showers, which are also better for the planet, as well as reducing the water temperature and using mild soaps. How about trying our Bath & Shower Gels? In addition to caring for your skin, you’ll enjoy a feeling of well-being day after day.

And don't forget, drying your skin gently is just as important as moisturizing after every shower. Try patting dry every inch of your skin slowly and gently - pamper yourself!

5- Quit smoking: the eternal resolution

Not only does smoking harm you on the inside, but it also negatively affects your skin.

As well as accelerating the signs of aging, it causes wrinkles and narrows the blood vessels in the skin’s superficial layers, making your face and body look paler.

Quitting smoking will help you breathe easier and feel better about yourself, not to mention improve skin elasticity and resilience, as smoking directly affects elastin and collagen.

Protect your health, inside and out, and stick to this resolution that’s been on your list for so long: this is your year!