Hair Tips

Protect your hair this summer

21 Mar, 22
Extreme heat and UV rays can have a detrimental effect on your hair by leaving it dry, damaged and dull. It’s important to prepare your hair in advance to withstand the aggressive effects of the sun. It’s just as important to protect your hair from the sun as it is to protect your skin. Ultra-violet rays in summer are much stronger and can damage the hair in various ways: they attack the structure of hair proteins, they dry the hair out so it becomes more porous, it becomes weaker, superficial roughness increases and hair colour lightens. With Babaria protective hair spray you can protect your hair from the sun’s rays as it contains a solar filter as well as nutrients for the hair which include aloe vera. Try Babaria’s hair conditioner to detangle and define your hair after swimming, and take away these sunglasses with our compliments. With UVA and UVB filters to protect the hair from the sun.Contains ingredients which help to instantly nourish and smooth the hair. Designed for use on the beach or around the pool both before and after bathing for a perfect finish.