Tanning Tips

Find the perfect sun cream for you

21 Mar, 22

A dip in the sea, enjoying an ice cream at sunset, wearing a new dress … There are so many things we want to do in the summer! Especially in this so special, which has been preceded by months and months of confinement. Precisely for the latter, we must not forget that it is not only a different summer for us, it is also for our skin.

Having spent such a long time without being exposed to the sun, our skin and its care and protection deserve special attention. And that’s why we are going to talk about phototypes and how important it is that you discover yours to get the cream that best suits the conditions of your skin.

A phototype is the term we use to refer to the ability of the skin to assimilate solar radiation. There are up to six different phototypes that correspond to each type of skin.

Next, we are going to classify them according to the protection that each one needs, so that you can find your ideal sun cream:


Phototypes I-II.

If your skin is light, has moles or freckles and you tan very difficultly, your phototype corresponds to I-II. These phototypes belong to skins that burn easily and are very sensitive to sun exposure, so they require high or very high protection, whose SPF must not be less than 50




You are one of those who get a good tan during the summer, since your skin quickly assumes that trend, and suffers minimal burns. But do not trust yourself, you should not let your guard down since, as you belong to the group of phototypes III-IV, it is possible that you will burn yourself when exposed to the sun, thus affecting the state of your skin. To do this, use sun creams with a protection factor between 30 and 50 SPF, such as the following.



Phototypes V-VI.

Your dark skin rarely has sunburn, and you are one of the lucky ones to tan easily. you belong to the so-called V-VI phototypes. A walk in the sun is enough to get more tan on your skin, however, you must protect it to avoid damaging it. Whether with a protection factor of 25 SPF, 15 SPF or less, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your skin and protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun.


Once we are clear about what our phototype is and what cream is best suited to our skin, we must pay attention to something as simple (but not less important) as its application. A small gesture that can change everything and for which we recommend some extra steps:

· Before applying, clean. Cleaning the skin is just as important in protecting it. When applying sun cream on the face, remember to prepare the area before and hydrate it after cleaning.

· Always 30 minutes before. Your skin needs to absorb the sun cream once you apply it on it so that it achieves total protection, so do not forget to put on cream thirty minutes before exposing your skin to the sun. Repeat the application after bathing or perspiring, once your skin is dry.

· Don’t cut yourself with quantity and frequency. A common mistake when applying the cream is to apply the same amount as if it were a moisturizer or even bath gel. The reality is that it is best to apply a generous amount of sunscreen to ensure that it does its job. The recommended amount? 36mg of cream to protect the skin of the body of an adult (which would be equivalent to 6 tablespoons of coffee). In addition, you must repeat the application frequently, protecting your skin again after approximately a couple of hours. And remember! Less quantity or frequency, leads to a significant reduction in protection.

· Pay attention to all parts of your body. The lips, ears, neck, eyelids and feet are the great forgotten when it comes to protecting our skin from the sun. And all of them require the same attention as the rest of the body … Don’t forget to protect them with a very high protection factor, and with formulas that protect you against UVA, UVB and Infrared rays, since it is the most exposed area throughout the year. Some Babaria options? We leave them to you below!


· Sun exposure, better gradually. In the same way that you prepare your body for a marathon, you must prepare your skin for sun exposure. So, as far as time is concerned, start with ten minutes the first day; fifteen the second, twenty the third and so on until you have reduced the sensitivity that your skin presents the first days of sun.

By following these tips and with the most suitable cream for your skin type, you will get the perfect tan safely and healthy skin.