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Natural care, maximum protection

This is how we can describe our new Antiperspirant Deodorants

We would like to introduce our innovative range of more organic and protective Antiperspirant Deodorants Their fresh fragrances and natural ingredients will transport you to another world where you can enjoy caring of your skin thanks to the aloe, oat and cotton extracts, among many other active ingredients.

Their formulas combine natural ingredients, magnesium salts, anti-blemish active ingredients and prebiotics to guarantee the care and protection of all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Much more than a Deodorant, a specific Antiperspirant that takes care of your skin

In Spray or Roll On format, these eight Deodorants will help you to fight sweat and odour wherever you are. They keep the skin protected for 48 hours, are alcohol free and are 100% vegan. They will care for your underarm skin each day!

Zero Deodorant
For sensitive skins

Especially formulated for sensitive skins, it contains a prebiotic active ingredient that helps to protect the skin microbiota and stimulates the skin’s defences. 0% Aluminium salts and alcohol!

Invisible deodorant
Anti-blemish protection

Thanks to its concentration of Vitamin B3, it reduces skin blemishes and controls the production of sebum. Especially formulated to not leave any marks on your clothes!

Double Effect deodorant
Silky smooth skin and hair growth retardant

Provides smoothness and delays hair growth. Two in one! It also contains vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant.

Skin Protect+ Deodorant

With anti-bacterial active ingredients, it naturally protects your skin from sweating and the bacteria that cause bad odours. Effective for 48 hours.

We take care of people and the planet by using recyclable bottles, aerosols and packaging.