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Babaria takes care of you and the planet with our BIO Plastic Free line

21 Mar, 22

Did you know that almost 75% of marine litter comes from single-use products? We do not know very well if that percentage or the following figure impacts more: Eight million tons whose origin is in plastic waste go to the ocean every year.¡

From Babaria, aware of this situation, we have proposed a new cosmetic philosophy that responds to a lifestyle that is respectful and committed to the environment.


What is #BIOPlasticFree?

It is much more than our new facial line, it is a lifestyle. And it is that Babaria, a pioneer brand in developing a 100% Plastic Free cosmetic line for mass consumption, has integrated this concept into its offer in search of global sustainability and care of the planet.

And here comes the rain of percentages. Because BIO Plastic Free is not just a line that has been developed and manufactured 100% in Spain; but also that development has been made from 99% ingredients of natural origin, with fragrances that include delicate notes to offer a ritual of sensorial beauty and beneficial for the skin. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, it is a 100% vegan line.


Three essential basics for facial care

One for every moment of the day and for all skin types (even sensitive), with a different purpose but a common goal: to take care of you while taking care of the planet.

BIO – Hydrates during the day

During the first hours of the morning, hydration of the face is a habit that we cannot ignore, which is why we have included it in our BIO Plastic Free line through our BIO Hydrate Day cream. A cream that exerts a super-hydrating action in each application and that acts as a protective barrier for the skin from its antioxidant properties. Its formula gives it the ability to retain water in the skin, since it contains Sap, Aloe and Hyaluronic Acid; Thus, your skin recovers the vitality, flexibility and elasticity it needs.

Without doubt, a must do of your morning facial care routine.

Bio Plastic Free Hydrates during the day

BIO – Rejuvenates at Night

Nights are the perfect time to put your skin to work and get a renewed face every morning. That is why we have included in this facial line our BIO Rejuvenating at Night cream, with anti-aging, detox and soothing action. Created based on Melissa, Orchid and Rambutan, our night cream calms your skin while rejuvenating its appearance application after application.

Bio Plastic Free Rejuvenates at Night

BIO – Revitalize Day and Night Contour cream

The BIO Revitalize Day and Night Contour cream reduces the signs of aging of this area of ​​the face, both day and night. And we all want to wear a rested look; But stress, insomnia, or lack of hydration and nutrients don’t always allow it. That is why our anti-aging eye contour gives your gaze a young and rested appearance, with an extra hydration thanks to its composition based on Sap, Melissa and Rambutan.

The perfect time to apply it? Both during the day, when you get up; as at night, at bedtime. Easy, simple and comfortable.

Bio Plastic Free Revitalize Day and Night Contour cream

BIO Plastic Free, sustainability and simplicity in equal parts

Our new BIO Plastic Free facial line is not only sustainable, but also easy to apply. Each product should be used at its time of day and in its specific face area, repeating the following three steps: apply, massage, absorb. It’s that simple and effective.

Because in Babaria we know that it is time to take care of the planet, but also to take care of yourself. And there is no better way than through this new facial line.

Can you think of an excuse not to try it now?