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Vitamin C ritual

21 Mar, 22

Add an extra dose of brightness to your routine with this Babaria Vitamin C ritual

Discover how to add an extra dose of brightness to your complexion, as well as achieving an antioxidant effect and urban protection for your skin, with this ritual of 3 simple steps. The first thing you must know, is that this ritual can be applied both in the morning and at night, and it is also recommended for all ages and skin types. Now, let’s start with the 3 simple steps. Here we go!

Step 1:

Apply Babaria NEW VITAMIN C AMPOULES to your face, neck and décolletage before your usual treatment. The new ampoules with 10% pure Vitamin C and proteoglycans brighten, hydrate and improve the texture of the skin, while preventing premature ageing, thanks to their antioxidant effect and anti-free radical properties. To apply, break the ampoule carefully with the safety cap that you will find inside the box, insert the applicator, and pour the content into the palm of your hand. Finally, massage it with the fingertips until all the liquid is absorbed into the skin.

Step 2:

Secondly, use Babaria Vitamin C Serum. A light serum with an innovative active ingredient derived from Vitamin C combined with Vitamin E. It is rapidly absorbed and increases skin brightness, as well as reducing age spots. Apply a few drops of the serum to the fingertips and spread it over the face, neck and décolletage until it is completely absorbed. It is recommended to apply the serum using long outward strokes and waiting a few seconds for it to absorb properly.

Step 3:

Lastly, it’s the turn of Babaria VITAMIN C Face Cream, with an innovative active ingredient derived from Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which is high in antioxidants. Apply the face cream using long wave movements from the lips, outwards and upwards.