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Body Tips

Don’t forget your feet, they also need some TLC!

Every day we get up and put our body in gear ready for day. Despite all the steps we take to keep it healthy, we always forget one thing: the feet. If you’re someone who also often neglects this...
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What are Biocide Antiseptics?

Our Hand Sanitizers are recognised as Biocide Antiseptics Our full range of Hand Sanitizers complies with all the requirements of the Spanish Department of Health and now enters into the category of...
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Keep a moment for yourself with our Body Milk and Body Cream

After the shower, there is nothing more relaxing than applying our Body Milk and Body Cream on your skin. Complement this moment with a few candles, incense and your favorite song. Here we will tell...
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Get your hands ready for the cool season!

During the winter days, we protect ourselves from the cold weather with coats, scarves, gloves, and even ear cuffs! It is important to remember to have some good hand protective measures ready before...
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Welcome autumn taking care of your feet!

We say goodbye to summer, and with it, to all walks on the beach, sandals and skin exposed to the sun. Now is the time to return to our routines, including hydrating our feet. To be well prepared,...
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New Babaria Hydroalcoholic Gels, the most natural care

Do you realize it’s now been six months since you started using hydroalcoholic gels on a daily basis? Using them protects your hands from potential viruses and bacteria that directly attack the...
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Three options for looking after your hands at home

We’re well aware that, due to the current situation, hand washing has become one of the most important parts of daily hygiene; not only when it comes to protecting your skin from dirt, but also as...
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The keys to a firm body

• Start by reducing the temperature of your bath or shower. Although hot water is relaxing, very hot water breaks down the skin’s lipid barriers which can lead to loss of moisture. Short,...
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