Body Tips

Don’t forget your feet, they also need some TLC!

05 Oct, 22

Every day we get up and put our body in gear ready for day. Despite all the steps we take to keep it healthy, we always forget one thing: the feet. If you’re someone who also often neglects this area of the body, don’t miss these key tips so that you never forget again.

It’s important to set aside some time once a week to give yourself a special foot bath. Prepare it with warm water and use relaxing lavender oils to soothe them from the week's wear and tear. While your feet are soaking, try moving and stretching them to activate circulation.

One of the most important points to keep your feet safe is to make sure you dry them properly to prevent the appearance of fungi and infections.

Another essential step you should add to your routine is hydration. The feet take a lot of pounding during the day and not only that, but they’re also prone to infections (like the rest of the skin) if you don’t take time to look after and hydrate them. To prevent this, it’s best to use specific foot care creams such as our Moisturizing Foot Cream, Anti-hardness Foot Cream or Dry and Cracked Foot Cream to protect the feet and keep the skin smooth and elastic. If you tend to suffer from tired legs and feet at the end of the day, use our Aloe Vera Tired Legs Cool Gel to relieve and decongest tired legs and feet.

Another thing to keep in mind are the shoes you wear, and how they smell! Using the same shoes for a long time can cause the foot to adopt a way of walking that can ultimately be harmful, so it’s best to alternate between shoes to prevent this from happening. It’s also a good idea to take care of and protect your feet with a Foot Deodorant, either a talcum powder or spray to prevent excess foot sweating.

At the end of the day, it’s preferable to go barefoot to air and relax them.

Now that you know the best way to look after your feet, you have no excuse. Take advantage of the return to routine to take care of them!