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Welcome autumn taking care of your feet!

We say goodbye to summer, and with it, to all walks on the beach, sandals and skin exposed to...

New Babaria Hydroalcoholic Gels, the most natural care

Do you realize it’s now been six months since you started using hydroalcoholic gels on a daily basis? Using...
Fluido Antimanchas de Babaria

Protect your skin from spots produced by the sun

Although our skin does not understand the seasons when we talk about sun exposure, we are going through the...
Bálsamo de Aloe Vera 100% Puro de Babaria

This is how After Sunbathing will change your summer

Get a longer lasting tan and well-groomed skin Summer is coming and with it the race to achieve that...

Find the perfect sun cream for you

A dip in the sea, enjoying an ice cream at sunset, wearing a new dress … There are so...
Línea completa BIO Plastic Free de Babaria

Babaria takes care of you and the planet with our BIO Plastic Free line

Did you know that almost 75% of marine litter comes from single-use products? We do not know very well...
Planta de Aloe Vera cortada a trozos y sobre una cuchara de madera de Babaria

Aloe Vera: Everything you need to know about it and its dermocosmetic properties

There are many natural ingredients used in cosmetics, however, if there is one that we should highlight compared...
contraindicaciones del uso de la mascarilla de Babaria

How does wearing a mask affect your skin?

Wearing a mask in public spaces is now compulsory here in Spain. It’s a measure that shouldn’t be overlooked,...
Manos de una mujer madura con las uñas con manicura francesa y aplicando crema de Babaria

Three options for looking after your hands at home

We’re well aware that, due to the current situation, hand washing has become one of the most important parts...
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